Leela Devi Panikar

Short-story collection, 6 stories, 252 pages.
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The covers for the paperback and e-book editions are different. This elephant was photographed in the Angkor Wat area of Siem Reap, Cambodia. The elephant on the Kindle edition was photographed in Rajasthan, India.


Bathing Elephants
Suchin breaks away from her traditional moneyed family in Bangkok and sets up her own orchid business in Chiang Mai. On one of her frequent holiday trips to Phuket she meets Michael. Then the tsunami hits.

Will the future of Iraq be fear and widows? Young Jamilah is orphaned after her father is assassinated and her mother killed in a terrorist attack. She's taken in by an old stall-keeper who wants to protect her but can't.

Sequined Slippers
An orphaned sister and brother, 16 and 14, end up living alone. When the sister is working as a waitress and looking after her brother who is still in school, it works well. But he leaves and mysteriously turns up in a rich woman's home.

I Was Killed in a Car Accident
Betrothed at birth, artist Xiao'li runs away from her home in Beijing when her marriage day approaches. She meets a man who makes her happy but is broken-hearted when she learns the fate of the man she was supposed to marry -- and she decides to join him.

Stone Breaker
Rai trains to be a Nepalese Ghurka but ends up in the hot swamps of the Terrai. He becomes a wealthy landowner and his arranged marriage is a success ... until the Bhutanese authorities make him a refugee in his adopted country.

Wild Orchid
Love at first sight threatens to tear a family apart -- but the two marry and are gradually accepted. Then the young husband's discontent with life in Myanmar sees him join the resistance and his struggle for a better future for his family sets a new course for everyone.


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